6 Fluoride Myths And Facts

6 Fluoride Myths And Facts

6 Fluoride Myths And Facts

Shoreham Dental - 6 Fluoride Myths and Facts

What Is Fluoride? 

Fluoride is a mineral that may be found in salt, freshwater soil, and foods. It has been shown to improve dental health by making teeth more resistant to decay and even reversing the onset of tooth decay.

The Canadian Dental Association promotes the use of fluoride in dentistry since it is one of the most effective preventative strategies in dental care. Extensive research has also demonstrated fluoride’s consistent efficacy and safety in preventing tooth decay. When fluoride is swallowed, it forms part of your tooth structure during tooth creation and provides protection as it is kept in your saliva as a preventive strategy against tooth decay, especially in elderly people who are prone to dental decay.

Unfortunately, there are numerous misconceptions about its usage, notably in water delivery. Although much of the material is false, it has raised concerns about the efficacy and safety of fluoride usage. It is critical that people educate themselves on the facts and myths in order to enhance their oral health.


Myth 1: People Who Drink Fluoridated Water Will Develop Fluorosis 

Fluorosis develops only when a person consumes a high quantity of fluoride. The amount of fluoride added to drinking water is at a level that is unlikely to cause fluorosis. When fluoridated water is treated with the required amount, leading health and medical organisations believe that it is both safe and effective. There have been a few unusual occurrences of fluorosis in the is that were thought to be quite minor.


Myth 2 : Fluoride Is Dangerous For Children 

Fluoride is not regarded as a threat to children when taken consistently, and moderate fluorosis may be beneficial to certain youngsters. However, there are certain children who swallow toothpaste are at risk of moderate fluorosis. It is critical to follow the rules for the correct amount of toothpaste to use. Getting adequate fluoride as a kid is essential for long-term tooth strength and can be achieved by using fluoride water to strengthen teeth as they grow and will help to avoid future decay and loss in the long run.


Myth 3 : It Is Expensive To Fluoridate Water For Communities

Adding fluoride to water is one of the least expensive methods to prevent tooth decay, and it is the most cost efficient approach to safeguard oral health in comparison to other options. Water fluoridation is still an efficient and cost-effective means of preventing cavities in comparison to the high cost of treating tooth decay. In the United States fluoridating a local water supply typically costs between 40 cents and $2.70 per person, per year.


Myth 4: Fluoridated Water Causes Cancer 

Several investigations and research have found that fluoridated water does not raise the risk of cancer or other significant health issues. Leading health and medical organisations have supported fluoridated water as safe and effective. More than 3,000 research on fluoridation have been published, and a 2011 Harvard study showed no relationship between fluoridation and bone cancer.


Myth 5: Fluoride Does Not Have A Significant Impact On Tooth Decay

 Numerous research has been done all around the globe to demonstrate the effectiveness of fluoride in reducing tooth decay in both adults and children. Fluoride has long been recognised as a vital ingredient for maintaining healthy teeth. Using fluoride water is an excellent technique to effectively protect teeth from decay, and when combined with a proper dental hygiene regimen, the risks of developing tooth decay are significantly reduced. However, using fluoride toothpaste alone is insufficient, which is why some physicians may prescribe fluoride pills to children who live in non fluoridated locations.


Myth 6: Fluoride In Toothpaste Is Enough To Protect Teeth 

According to studies, the fluoride content of toothpaste alone does not give the necessary degree of protection against tooth decay. Using fluoridated water in conjunction with toothpaste provides the best protection against tooth decay. The advantages of fluoridated water are founded on the benefits of using fluoride toothpaste daily. In 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised that towns fluoridate their water with 0.7mg of fluoride per litre.


How Can You Improve Your Oral Health Using Fluoride ?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is crucial in building strong tooth enamel and preventing cavities.

Fluoride treatments can help a wide range of individuals. Fluoride toothpaste and regular dental checkups can provide your teeth the necessary protection against tooth decay. Make an appointment with our dentist at Shoreham Dental if you want to learn more about fluoride. During your appointment, you can ask your dentist about fluoride treatments that may be beneficial to your oral health.

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